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The 5 greatest secrets of expert inbound marketing service providers

Posted by Becky Winter on 27/05/20 16:38

Cold calling to gain leads and generate revenue is a thing of the past.  

People do not want to be pummelled over the head with unsolicited and scripted sales pitches. No, today’s customer is brand-savvy and does research. He or she must feel connected to whichever company is offering the product or service required.  

Customers want to hear you, but they will also want to be heard by you. To achieve that rapport, you need to start thinking like inbound marketing service providers do! Our free Guide to Inbound Marketing will help you achieve this (download it here), as well as the following tips... 

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7 reasons you should hire an inbound content pro for content marketing

Posted by Becky Winter on 30/04/20 15:32

You already know the benefits of content marketing, right? As buyer behaviour continues to change, content marketing has emerged as a preferred way to build long-lasting relationships with potential customers over time. In fact, as the UK enters its fourth week of lockdown, this is more true than ever before as customers across the world consume record-breaking amounts of content. And it is these relationships that lead to sales, with content marketing having been proven to generate over three times as many leads as outbound marketing, all the while costing a whopping 62% less.  

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