B2B Tech Success: How Our Slick SEO Strategy Achieved an Incredible 227% Rise in Organic Traffic

Posted by Abby Mitchinson on 28/05/24 10:18
Abby Mitchinson

It’s no secret that the tech landscape today is more competitive than ever before.  

Add to that poor site optimisation, a lack of visibility, and blogs that aren’t quite hitting the mark, and things become even more difficult. 

That’s what our tech client was dealing with before they came to us for help with their inbound marketing and SEO strategy… 

The background 

Our client is a tech company specialising in digital infrastructure transformations. Over the last two decades in business, they have continued to thrive, and currently implement large-scale ERP solutions to organisations all over the world.  

However, now it was time for their website to start working as hard as they did - which is why they turned to Angelfish to help them to boost their search rankings, increase their website traffic, and optimise their online visibility.  

The problem 

In today’s increasingly digitalised B2B landscape, the marketplace is more saturated than ever before - which means that tech businesses need to work harder than ever before if they are going to stand out.  

Our client was up against some big competition. Luckily, though, we love a challenge - and as a specialist B2B inbound and SEO solutions agency, this one was right up our street. 

So, read on to find out how we helped our client to stand out from the crowd by delivering a 118% increase in search rankings and a whopping 227% rise in organic traffic in just a year! 

The solution   

We couldn’t wait to get started with this one, and thanks to their focus on transforming their customers’ digital architecture, our client was ready for change and excited to kick off our comprehensive, data-driven inbound SEO strategy too.  

Here at Angelfish, we don’t believe in off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions, which is why our strategies are customised for each client, aligning with their unique needs and industry dynamics.   

For this particular client, we held a series of workshops that enabled us to home in on their buyer personas, take a good look at the competition, and develop a tailor-made SEO strategy complete with content creation, optimisation, the construction of topic clusters, and more. 

The 10-step methodology we followed for this tech client to help them smash their goals included:   

  1. Persona Review

We kicked things off by conducting a persona review, diving deep into understanding the client's target audience, their needs, preferences, and their behaviour online, so we could create a customised strategy designed to engage with the audience.   

  1. SERPs Analysis

Next up, our team analysed the search engine results pages (SERPs) to get to grips with what the client was currently ranking for, identify any opportunities within the technology sector, and understand what the competition was up to. 

  1. Competitor Asset Review

We also meticulously studied the strategies of our clients’ key competitors in the tech space, ensuring that we were armed with all the info we needed to craft a superior SEO plan.  

  1. Market-Beating Pillar Pages

We then created a compelling pillar page that was cleverly designed to appeal to the clients’ target audience, offering exhaustive information about digital infrastructure, the client's core topic. 

  1. High-Quality Blog Creation

When it comes to inbound marketing, content is key - so our team of content creators got to work developing engaging blog posts revolving around digital infrastructure transformation to drive targeted traffic and build domain authority.

  1. Optimisation

Any inbound pro will tell you that content alone isn’t enough - which is why we optimised the pillar page and blog posts to maximise visibility on search engines and adhere to the nuances of the tech industry.   

  1. Internal Linking and Construction of Topic Cluster

Internal linking is an essential aspect of a supercharged SEO strategy, so we created a structured internal linking system and set up a topic cluster model to improve the site navigation and boost SEO.  

  1. Conversion Optimisation Tools Implementation

We integrated advanced tools to optimise the client's conversion rates, enabling us to transform site visitors into potential leads and customers.  

  1. Detailed Reporting & Analysis

SEO doesn’t stand still – and neither do we. We continuously monitor and analyse our SEO strategies to ensure they are as effective as possible and completely adaptable to changing market conditions.  

  1. Link Building

Lastly, we implemented a robust link building strategy that was cleverly crafted to elevate the client's site authority and improve rankings within the tech sector. 

The results  

We were pretty pleased with this one! Achieving an incredible 118% increase in search rankings and a whopping 227% rise in organic traffic in just a year is a huge achievement and is testament to both the transformative power of strategic SEO and the hard work of our team. 

So, what was the secret to our success? Well, we believe these brilliant results came down to a number of things, including our commitment to understanding the client’s target audience, our meticulous competitor analysis, and continuously optimising our strategies so we could ensure we were adapting and improving all the time. 

In addition, our unrivalled expertise in B2B SEO meant that we could act as more than a bog-standard SEO agency, instead working as a strategic partner championing our client’s growth and success in the digital world.  

Finally, our experience in the B2B SEO industry means that we are able to understand complex B2B content and produce industry-beating content too. This meant we could take the stress of content creation out of our clients’ hands and deliver them a ready-made, fool-proof content strategy designed to get results.  

The data in more detail 

Fancy looking at the results in a bit more detail? Read on to have a peek at the data for yourself… 

Organic traffic results 

These organic traffic results speak for themselves! Before our campaign started, the website had 200 organic sessions - however, fast forward a year and they saw a 227% rise in organic traffic thanks to our on-page SEO, technical SEO, and content creation. 




Want to experience results like these for yourself? 

If you’d like to find out more about our specialist B2B SEO services, including how we can help you, click here to request a free digital marketing report and one-hour consultation with a member of our expert team.   

Your report will review your website’s:  

  • Links and authority  
  • Technical fix recommendations  
  • Search rankings  
  • Local listings  
  • On-site SEO  
  • Social channels  

So, if you’re ready to get ahead of the competition and stay there, look no further!  

Simply click here to request your free report and learn more about how effective, results-focussed digital marketing and SEO can increase your website visibility and help you reach your business goals.   

Take back control today. Book your consultation here.   

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