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The ultimate SEO solutions toolkit

Posted by Abby Pearson on 7/18/18 3:31 PM

It’s pretty simple: if you want your website to be found, you have to engage in SEO. Google gets over 100 billion searches a month - so if you want your website to rank highly on search engines and ultimately end up with more visitors, you need to optimise your site so that search engines fall in love with it.

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How to measure inbound marketing ROI

Posted by Richard Stephens on 7/9/18 2:09 PM

So you’ve decided to embrace inbound marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy - great! You’ve identified your personas, created a content strategy and are busy writing and sharing informative content that delivers value to your customers. And you know it’s working, too: there’s a definite increase in leads, and more and more people are converting to customers. So far, it’s all heading in the right direction!

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7 ways blogging can be a great SEO solution

Posted by Richard Stephens on 6/22/18 9:00 AM

Blogging is a fantastic way to attract more visitors to your website. With high quality, consistent and optimised content published on a regular basis on your blog, your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) will go through the roof. SEO can be a pretty overwhelming concept to wrap your head around, but investing time in your blog is a quick (and cheap) way to direct more traffic to your website.

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The Importance of SEO and How It Can Grow Your Business

Posted by Richard Stephens on 6/20/18 3:18 PM

Effective website SEO is a crucial part of growing any business. SEMrush’s 2017 study on ranking research found that direct website visits, the time spent on a website and the number of pages visited per session on a website were the most important factors when it comes to website rankings. If you take the time to encourage these three actions as part of a successful SEO strategy, you’re going to see both improved rankings and business growth.

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Four ways inbound marketing will grow your business

Posted by Richard Stephens on 6/18/18 1:49 PM

The way people buy is changing. For example, did you know that 60% of purchase decisions are now made before customers even talk to a sales rep? As a result, traditional marketing methods are on the decline. In fact, just 16% of marketers say that outbound provides them with the high quality leads they need - which means inbound is becoming more popular and is now being described as the future of marketing. So if you want to think smarter and grow faster, it’s time to get onboard with inbound.

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Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

Posted by Richard Stephens on 5/21/18 10:39 AM

Inbound and outbound marketing are two fundamentally different marketing types that you can use to increase traffic, leads and sales for your business.

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Why you need to nail your keyword research for your SEO

Posted by Abby Pearson on 5/18/18 11:14 AM

Choosing the right keywords is essential for any successful SEO campaign. When businesses start looking for SEO solutions, many are so keen to start ranking as soon as possible that they forget about the need for detailed keyword research. Keywords (or keyword phrases) are what people type into the search engines to find what they are looking for – whether information, products to buy or answers to their questions.

You need to make sure they find your content after searching for these keywords, and that means your content should be based on specific keywords. Here are the main reasons correct keyword research matters.

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5 crucial elements of any successful digital marketing plan

Posted by Abby Pearson on 5/16/18 2:27 PM

Many businesses want to start taking advantage of the benefits of digital marketing, but it’s often hard to know where to start. 

Digital marketing is crucial for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to giant multinationals. 61% of marketers are now saying that growing their organic presence in the search engines is a high priority. Despite that, 49% of organisations don’t have a digital marketing plan that is clearly defined, and just 58% of marketers claim that they achieve their marketing goals often.

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SEO Solutions: When will my website rank number one on Google?

Posted by Richard Stephens on 4/24/18 12:24 PM

Every business and website owner dreams of ranking in first place on Google. Why wouldn’t they? After all, Google’s number one search result gets 33% of search traffic, with 95% of traffic going to those on the first page1 - leaving just 5% for the remaining pages. SEO is the process of optimising your website so you can rank as highly as possible on those search engine results pages - but how long does it really take to rank on Google and climb up to that elusive number one spot? And how can you help to speed things along? Read on to find out…

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Seven simple steps to blogging success

Posted by Richard Stephens on 4/24/18 11:18 AM

Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing yet produces three times as many leads1? When you put it like that, it makes sense to get your content marketing right so you can appeal to your audience, engage with your prospects and ultimately see those leads increase - and blogging is a great place to start.

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