The 5 greatest secrets of expert inbound marketing service providers

Posted by Becky Winter on 27/05/20 16:38
Becky Winter

Cold calling to gain leads and generate revenue is a thing of the past.  

People do not want to be pummelled over the head with unsolicited and scripted sales pitches. No, today’s customer is brand-savvy and does research. He or she must feel connected to whichever company is offering the product or service required.  

Customers want to hear you, but they will also want to be heard by you. To achieve that rapport, you need to start thinking like inbound marketing service providers do! Our free Guide to Inbound Marketing will help you achieve this (download it here), as well as the following tips... 

5 secrets of inbound marketing service providers 

1. Don’t stagnate, keep on learning 

The thing about inbound marketing is that it is constantly evolving. Good practices that were new just a few years ago, have morphed into something different over time. You need to grow and learn as the industry changes 

Read white papers, download eBooks, follow bloggers, network and connect with marketing leaders and engage in inbound marketing conversations, online and offline.  

If you keep your finger on the pulse, you’ll be one step ahead when it comes to implementing or outsourcing your own inbound marketing strategy. 

 2. Content is king 

Talking about inbound marketing strategies, a lot of buzzwords are being thrown around to define specific facets of the game. If you are keeping in touch with everything, you will rapidly get to know them.  

But in a nutshell, the most important thing to remember if you want to become an inbound marketing expert is that your core objective is generating good content.  

From your web copy, to your blogs, your automation strategy, social media presence and search engine optimisation, your marketing strategy is designed to entice consumers and draw them in.  

It is your content that will drive traffic to your brand and will hopefully lead to an increase in loyalty and conversion. 


3. Consistency and uniqueness 

Creating amazing content haphazardly dilutes the work you’re doing. For instance, if you’re nailing your SEO but are neglecting your website or social media, then it is all for nought.  

If your tone of voice is all over the shop, your target audience will not relate to your brand. If your inbound marketing effort is not sustained, any potential leads you may have scored will be lost. 

Being consistent is therefore important, but so is finding a way to stand out from the crowd. You could have a very sound, though unoriginal, inbound marketing plan in place that does nothing to differentiate you from the rest of the pack.  

Find that unique hook and implement it into your marketing strategy. If you can surprise consumers in a positive way, you are doing it right. 

4. You need to do your research and have a plan

Before you start investing money in your inbound marketing, it pays to think about what you want to achieve. Market research is paramount to success for any inbound marketing expert 

What product or service are you selling? Is there a target demographic that is big enough to warrant trying to sell it? How am I engaging with them? Are there any competitors out there and how do they market their product or service?  

All these questions will help you in defining the type of marketing plan needed to reach as wide an audience as possible and maximise your potential return on investment. Take your time with this one. 

inbound marketing service providers

5. Don’t forego the classics just yet

While using an inbound marketing service provider is one of the most powerful tools available to get your message out there, there is some merit to remembering the more traditional marketing and sales approaches. 

There are many cogs to the machine that is your brand. There is still room for offline marketing, a well-developed sales strategy and customer support and, above all, a good product or service to begin with! 

Want to further delve into what it takes to become an inbound marketing expert

Download our free guide for more hints and tips:

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