We’ve gone platinum! Angelfish Marketing are Platinum HubSpot Partners

Posted by Vikki Pearce on 22/03/18 14:31

We’re proud to announce that we’ve achieved Platinum HubSpot Partner Status! Yes, in just two years we’ve risen through the ranks  and become Platinum Certified by HubSpot in recognition of our commitment to helping brands achieve tangible results and generate leads with inbound marketing. We’ve worked really hard to get here, and we’re thrilled that our achievements in all things inbound have been officially recognised and that HubSpot view us as trusted inbound marketing experts.

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20 stats to convince your boss to invest in inbound marketing services

Posted by Vikki Pearce on 07/03/18 14:08

If you haven’t already, now is the time that every business should embrace inbound marketing. The benefits speak for themselves, with inbound marketing services pricing provides measurable results and generating more qualified leads than traditional methods at a much lower cost - and that’s just for starters! However, if you’re having trouble convincing your outbound loving boss that inbound is the way forward, these 20 impressive inbound marketing statistics could finally get them to listen.

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Think you’re cut-out for inbound marketing? Read our blog first!

Posted by Abby Mitchinson on 15/02/18 12:19
Outbound is outdated – but you already knew that.

These days, it’s all about inbound marketing. That means attracting customers to come to you by providing them with relevant, helpful, information-rich content that builds your trust and authority.

So when potential customers come across your content in blogs, search engines and social media, they find value in the information you provide, leading them back to your site where you convert them into leads.

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Is your website inbound marketing ready?

Posted by Abby Pearson on 06/02/18 13:22

Inbound marketing is a fantastic way to generate new leads and sales. Whether you set up your strategy yourself or use inbound marketing service packages, it’s an effective way to direct a regular stream of targeted traffic to your site that you can convert into new leads without spending time on unreliable cold outreach.

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What is content mapping & how to use it in inbound marketing?

Posted by Abby Pearson on 17/08/17 10:16

A successful inbound marketing strategy relies on the regular production of educational, engaging, informative and share-worthy content.

But when it comes to producing effective content, you need to focus on what comes before the actual content writing.

The secret to creating engaging content for your B2B content marketing strategy starts long before you put pen to paper. To get the results you are looking for, you need to successfully map your content. Content mapping is the process of planning your content around your buyer personas, to solve their challenges and buyer problems.

Here are four stages to content mapping that will ensure you get more from your content writing.

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Why a strong keyword strategy is essential to your inbound marketing

Posted by Abby Pearson on 12/07/17 09:59

SEO has been around since the first search engines were launched over two decades ago, and keywords have always played an important role in optimising content.

But why are keywords so important? And do they still matter as much as they used to?

Here's a look at why keywords remain fundamental to your SEO and inbound marketing strategies.

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What are keywords & how do they impact your inbound marketing?

Posted by Abby Pearson on 05/07/17 14:24

Launching a successful inbound marketing strategy involves a lot of planning. Before you start creating any content, you need to decide upon your main keywords.

It's no use simply deciding that you want to show up in search; you need to show up in search for the right keywords so your target customers find your content and enter your sales funnel.

But what exactly are keywords, and why do they matter?

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5 quick ways to identify your buyer personas

Posted by Abby Mitchinson on 14/06/17 11:27

Buyer personas have never been so important for businesses. No matter what you sell, buyer personas can inform your marketing strategy and help you to communicate the right message to the right people – making them particularly useful for your inbound marketing strategy.

In brief, a buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer that you create based on research into existing customers. But it goes beyond age, gender and other basic demographics, focusing on everything from what they do in their free time to the problems they are attempting to overcome.

So how do you identify them?

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What is a buyer persona?

Posted by Abby Pearson on 02/06/17 16:21

Buyer personas are an important consideration when it comes to your inbound marketing strategy.

These are becoming increasingly popular – and necessary – for marketers. Creating your own buyer persona can improve your marketing by helping you to refine your content and get your message heard above the noise, giving you a competitive advantage. This helps you to reach out to the right people with the right message to garner a better response.

But what exactly is a buyer persona? Here's what you need to know.

The basics of buyer personas

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Is traditional marketing broken?

Posted by Abby Pearson on 20/04/17 16:13

Although digital marketing’s popularity has soared within recent years, many marketers today are still using traditional marketing methods to generate leads for their businesses.

But which one is best for you? Inbound marketing or traditional marketing methods?

Here’s how they both stack up...

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