How To Hit Page 1 of Google with Topic Clusters & Blogger Outreach

Posted by Dom Moriarty on 19/08/21 13:49
Dom Moriarty

Read this SEO case study to discover how, with the powerful combination of topic clusters and a blogger outreach programme, Angelfish Marketing’s Inbound Marketing Services page saw a significant increase in organic traffic, soaring to page one of Google and achieving an astonishing return on investment in just six short months.

This is a great example of SEO in action with page one impact. 

Prior to kicking off our outreach programme this year, our Inbound Marketing Services page had no inbound links pointing to it in November 2020:

SEMrush screenshot depicting an increase in organic traffic from November 2020 to May 2021.

You can also see that this page had no organic traffic and no keyword rankings in October 2020 in the chart below: 

Screenshot 2 SEMrush screenshot depicting an increase in organic traffic from November 2020 to May 2021.

Fast-forward six months... 

...and 28 publishers have agreed content links to our target page. 

As a result, we’ve seen an increase in organic traffic to the page, and we are now ranking for over 114 keywords worldwide with multiple UK page one rankings for our core terms – with more on the way! 

Our organic traffic value, if we were to purchase these positions via Google Ads, is valued at over $1000 per month. That’s a pretty good ROI! 

So, how did we do it? 

We set about an outreach programme to deliver relevant, high power website links and traffic back to this page. Our top terms centre around inbound marketing agency/services: 

Target keywords: 

  • Inbound Marketing Agency – now page 1 
  • Inbound Marketing Services – now page 1 

Relational keywords gained from keyword set: 

  • Inbound Marketing – now page 4 (with a 5k search volume) 
  • Inbound marketing strategy – now page 4 

Screenshot depicting an increase in organic traffic through keywords

In October, we published 800-1000 words of content to the Inbound Marketing Services pageoptimised our page for search, created an internal linking structure within the site from our blogging programme (Topic Clustersand reached out to hundreds of relevant websites to place our content – the impact of which you can see below: 

Screenshot 4 SEMrush screenshot depicting an increase in organic traffic from November 2020 to May 2021.

In addition, we audited our previous blog content, and planned out our upcoming inbound content so that all relevant inbound blogs had internal links to this core pillar page. We publish two to four blogs per month on average, all of which are all optimised in accordance with best practices and shared via social media.  

We mapped this out using HubSpot’s SEO tool for Topics, which you can see below: 

Screenshot of Angelfish Marketing’s Inbound Marketing topic cluster SEO map in Hubspot, as part of their plan to increase organic traffic.

For more information about Topic Clusters and their impact on SEO, be sure to read our blog on “How to use topic clusters to ignite your SEO.” 

To conclude...

If the results from this case study represent anything, it’s that topic clusters and blogger outreach are a truly a match made in heaven when it comes to your SEO! 

These are the kinds of results we generate for our clients every day here at Angelfish Marketing.  

If you want to increase organic traffic to your website and would like help to getting your business seen, found and shared, why not sign up for our free report and one hour consultation to get you started? 

As a brief overview, our free consultation includes: 

Website Analysis 

See how well your website is currently performing, and how it could do even better. 

Content Review 

Find out how to optimise and enrich your content to capture the attention of prospects and gain hot leads.  

PPC and SEO Audit 

Discover what terms you’re currently ranking for, how your PPC ads are performing and SEO opportunities you can embrace in the future. 

… and much more. 

Sound good? 

Book your free marketing report and consultation below... 

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