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7 essential elements of an inbound marketing strategy

Posted by Katie Preedy on 14/05/20 13:15

Inbound marketing uses a subtler set of strategies compared to traditional outbound marketing techniques. It’s also a necessity for businesses that want to build a successful brand and stand apart from the competition.

Inbound marketing draws your customers to your products and services through the creation of content and campaigns that delight your target audience and transform them into brand advocates. For example, social media campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and content marketing are all core strategies under the inbound marketing umbrella.

Outbound marketing, on the other hand, tends to use more direct tools such as direct mail, telemarketing and events. However, research reveals one-third of marketers think outbound marketing tactics such as paid advertising are a waste of time and resources.

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9 questions to ask yourself before you start writing a business blog

Posted by Katie Preedy on 09/04/20 13:22

If your business doesn’t have a blog, it might be time to reconsider. 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority and B2B marketers who use business blogs receive 67% more leads than those who don’t. What’s more, marketers who prioritise blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI.

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Recruitment agencies: Here’s how to write candidate-generating content

Posted by Katie Preedy on 11/03/20 13:57

If you’re wise to the inner workings of the methodology of inbound marketing for recruitment agencies, you’ll know that relevant, engaging content is the key to attracting prospects to your website. As a recruitment agency, however, you’ll also be aware that UK recruitment is now the world’s most competitive market - which means that your content is going to come up against a lot of competition!

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12 simple tips to make your blog stand out from the crowd

Posted by Katie Preedy on 21/02/20 11:39

In today’s world of Inbound Marketing, blogs are the ultimate means of attracting leads to your website. According to HubSpot, businesses that write and post blogs regularly get 55% more visitors than those who don’t, so if this isn’t something you’re already doing, then there’s no question that you should start!

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How to make your content sing using brand voice

Posted by Katie Preedy on 04/02/20 11:56

This might be a shock to read, but:

In today’s world of inbound marketing, content alone is not enough.

Yes, you read that correctly!

Although content reigns supreme as the king of inbound marketing, there’s one very important thing that it still requires to succeed; and that is brand voice.

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Banish writer’s block forever with these top tips

Posted by Katie Preedy on 17/12/19 10:19

In a world where content rules as the king of inbound, the pressure to offer your customers exciting and engaging content as part of your website content strategy – whether that’s in your website copy, in blogs, or even in videos – has been ramped up more highly than ever before. And there’s nothing worse than being all too aware of this pressure, but simply finding yourself staring at a blank document, unable to get any words out, let alone coherent sentences.

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