Write a killer call to action for your B2B content marketing strategy

Posted by Abby Mitchinson on 25/04/16 16:08
Abby Mitchinson

You may have the most amazing, beautifully designed website in the world, and you may be offering the greatest product that ever existed, but if you don’t know how to write an effective call to action, it could all be for nothing. The call to action is what converts visitors into customers, so it is a critical part of your B2B content marketing strategy that you must get right.

Now there are numerous methods for creating a good call to action. What works best for you will likely vary depending upon the nature of your audience and what you are offering.

But here are some basic tips for writing that killer call to action.

Make It Simple and Clear

A call to action should be succinct and to the point. Often you will want to put your CTA (calls-to-action) right on a clickable button, which means you have no option but to keep it short. It’s often best to start straight away with the verb, as in “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” or “Discover How We Can Help”. If you’re asking them to fill out a form, it too should be short and easy to fill out.

Bear in mind that you aren’t limited only to a phrase you can fit on a button. Typically the first part of the call to action will be written above or beside the button and may consist of a few short, punchy lines that intrigue the visitor enough to consider the offer. The language on the button will then urge them to take action with a click.

Keep Your Customers In Mind

A key aspect of your strategy includes knowing who your ideal customers are. When you write your call to action, remember you’re talking to them. What is their position within the company? What are their challenges? What information do they need? And where will they go to find it? Knowing who your audience is will better help you to speak to them in their language. For instance, if your company sells surf wear, you should avoid formal language. If you want to appeal to comic book fans, then consider using references that demonstrate your knowledge of their world.

Establish a Relationship

When writing your call to action, try making the reader feel like you’re partners – like you’re in this together. CTAs such as “Join Us!” or “Let’s Get Started!” imply that you already have a bond with them, and that you want to guide them through the process or let them in on an awesome secret.

Content Marketing Relationship

Take a Unique Approach

Another component of your B2B content marketing strategy should be to identify what is special about your product or service and to communicate that to potential customers. Instead of using the more standard “Sign Up Today” type CTAs, incorporate details or language that is specific to your business and what you’re offering. For example, if you want people to sign up for a free trial with your car service, a unique CTA might be something like “Catch a Ride With Us!”

Explain How the Offer Helps Them

Convince the prospective customer that they need your product or service. This is often accomplished by pointing out its major benefits through brief, engaging copy, or even just by focusing on one primary benefit that is especially compelling. Getting the prospective customer to imagine an identifiable situation or problem and presenting your offer as the solution is also a good way to do this. For example: “Tired of being single? Get a date tonight.” “Never be late for a meeting again. Download our reminder app now.”  

Create a Sense of Urgency

There are few tasks harder than keeping the attention of somebody who is browsing the internet. You cannot give your would-be customer an excuse to leave your website without acting first, so make sure your CTA conveys the sense that they need to click that button immediately. This urgency can be communicated through phrasing like “Buy It Now” or by providing a limited-time offer (“Get it free if you order by Thursday!”) that gives the person a compelling reason to make a decision right away.

Let Them Know It’s Risk-Free

Even if you ultimately expect to turn prospects into paying customers, part of your B2B content marketing strategy should be to provide an initial offer that they can effortlessly take advantage of, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or downloading an interesting piece of content. In your call to action, emphasize the fact that this offer costs them nothing and that it will take mere seconds to sign up. Everybody likes things that are free and easy!

Here at Angelfish Marketing, we help you build and deliver a killer B2B content marketing strategy to help you get seen, shared and found! For more information on how how to create great content marketing, download our guide to better blogging now!

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