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How to Approach Keyword Research for Inbound Marketing

Posted by Angelfish on 26/05/16 15:08

Being able to drive traffic to your website is critical for business-to-business marketers in the digital age, and keyword research is at the heart of this process. In short, keyword research is vital for your B2B inbound marketing success, as it is going to be key in drawing potential customers to you.

Understanding Keyword Research

In the past, people turned to numerous different reference sources (e.g., encyclopaedias, phone books, business directories, etc.) to find needed information. Today, most people go straight to Google (or another internet search engine) and type a few keywords into the search engine that describe what they’re looking for and the problem they need solving.

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7 simple ways to become an inbound marketing expert…

Posted by Angelfish on 25/04/16 16:12

Long gone are the days of sending your sales guy out in a nice suit and extra shiny shoes. In today’s digital centric market, you need to be visible, and the best way to gain visibility is with some inbound marketing! 

Easier said than done you might think, but all of the information is out there, you just need to know where to look. Whether you are looking to learn the art of inbound marketing, or simply brushing up your existing knowledge, we know it can be daunting so have put together our top tips to become an inbound marketing services expert.

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5 myths to leave behind for your SEO strategy in 2016

Posted by Angelfish on 25/04/16 16:01

With multiple Google updates a year, keeping up with the latest SEO wisdom can be tough, especially if you don’t have a dedicated specialist working for you full time. 

1. Performing SEO leads to bad content 

With all the information around about how old SEO tactics, such as keyword stuffing and link-building, are out-dated, it’s temping to think that search engine optimisation will result in unnatural, boring content. On the contrary, thinking about your SEO strategy is a great place to start when planning good content. But rather than trying to do it yourself, hire a copywriter who can create content that is relevant to your customers and the keywords will naturally fit into the content. 

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