Four reasons blogs are essential for your 2020 digital marketing strategy

Posted by Abby Mitchinson on 17/10/19 11:51
Abby Mitchinson

If you're a business owner, you should already know that having an attractive website is essential if you want new customers and clients to find your business and purchase your products or services. But there's more to having a strong online presence than simply putting up a couple of pages about your business

You should also have a blog in your marketing plan for several reasons, including improving your SEO and the overall effectiveness of your online marketing. 

Making a Blog Improves Your SEO 

Google and other search engines need to know that your website is active and what your website and business is about. A search engine will have difficulty understanding your business if you don't have very much information available. Having a blog is one of the easiest ways to regularly incorporate new information so that your website gets indexed by the top search engines. Getting indexed helps potential customers and clients find you in an organic search. In blog posts, you can easily incorporate keywords that will put your website higher on the list for many search terms in your industry. Having blog posts also increases the number of inbound links that your website receives, which will improve your SEO. 

Blogging Provides Value and Shows Expertise 

When you're looking for a way to engage readers, writing blog content should be one of the staples in your online marketing strategy. Blog posts help you pull in long-term customers and people who are first thinking about buying your product or service. When you provide value to readers, they're more likely to consider buying from you when the time comes even if they don't actually want your product or service until months later. To better understand this, think about if you were looking for a way to fix a small problem on your computer. You might search online for a tutorial, and you would be happy when you found instructions on one of your local computer repair company's websites. Months later, if you needed someone to do major work on your computer, you would be more likely to remember the people who answered your question before. 

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Writing Blog Posts is Essential for Successful Social Media Campaigns 

If you want to have a social media presence, you'll need to have information that you can tie into your social media posts. Blog posts are the place to do this. Through social media, you can further drive traffic to your website and show your expertise in your industry. 

Using Blog Posts Helps You Entice Readers to Use Your Product or Service 

If you sell products, a blog is a great way to show off the newest devices in your industry and entice people with things that they didn't even know were available. For instance, this is a great strategy for retail owners who sell technology devices, which are always changing. 

You can even specifically ask readers to give you a call, stop by your store, or make a purchase online. If you've had a website for a while, you've probably heard about a call to action. You've also might have heard about how powerful they can be in creating conversions. The end of blog posts is the perfect place to invite readers to buy your product or service. 

Whenever you're trying to get your name out via a website, you should always try to engage a reader for as long as you can. When you help people find your website and engage them with outstanding content, people will see you as a leader in your industry. 

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