...And it is packed with stats to blow your boss’s mind!

All good marketers know that HubSpot is a giant in the CRM landscape, but often you’ll need to convince the bosses that it’s a wise investment. In the annual HubSpot ROI report, the stats will astound your boss and might have them signing up to HubSpot immediately. These real-life statistics are pulled from marketers using the CRM in their first 12 months.  

Discover the growth HubSpot users have experienced in their first year of adopting the platform. This annual report uses HubSpot’s data driven analytics from over 158,000 clients – and it’s packed with figures that will wow in the boardroom, such as:  

  • Customers who use HubSpot see better growth
  • Business across all industries, countries and sizes see results  
  • Uptake on launching the CRM averages 51 days.  
  • Customers who use more Hubs combined see more growth

Open your boss’s eyes to the unprecedented year-on-year growth of HubSpot clients!  

At Angelfish Marketing, we know growth is important to surviving the competitive landscape in B2B marketing. As HubSpot Diamond partners, we know the value the CRM giant adds to businesses of all sizes and all industries. It’s why we advocate businesses to sign up - it produces results that will have the boardroom singing its praises!  

Download the HubSpot Annual ROI Report

hubspot roi report