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What should I include in my website redesign brief?

Posted by Abby Pearson on 4/25/16 4:08 PM

Are you looking at redesigning your website? Make sure you get off to the right start by spending a little time writing a full brief. The document you create will guide the entire process, so make it as detailed as you possibly can – and use these guidelines so you know exactly what to include. 


You’ll want to arm your designer or agency with as much background information on your business and the redesign as possible. What does your business do? What are your products and services? Who are your customers?

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Website design coming up? Here’s 10 SEO mistakes to avoid

Posted by Abby Pearson on 4/25/16 4:06 PM

Your new website will be better, faster and stronger. It will be easier to find, faster to load and more user-friendly. It’ll be better designed, be more helpful to your customers and lead to more sales. But, only if you avoid these SEO mistakes in your next bespoke website design.

1. Not thinking about SEO from the start 

When planning your bespoke website design and strategy, think about discoverability and accessibility from the start. There’s no point in having the most beautiful site in the world if no one can find it. Thinking about SEO while the site is being coded or when it’s finished is too late. Plus, any action taken at these late stages will end up costing far more. 
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