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What should I include in my 2017 marketing costs?

Posted by Abby Pearson on 2/15/17 5:15 PM

For a business, the end of a year signals a new period of analysing, assessing, learning and planning for the next year. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing planning and, more importantly, budgeting your marketing costs. With that in mind let’s look at the marketing tactics that deserve their fair share of attention in 2017.

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6 essential components of a marketing plan

Posted by Abby Pearson on 2/3/17 4:21 PM

You have a product or service that you want to market. But how do you go about it? You could just improvise and hope for the best. Through trial and error, you may eventually get it right. Of course, by that time you may have also run out of budget. A better approach would be to properly map out your marketing strategy to maximise your return on investment. With that in mind, these are the core components of a marketing plan.

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Topics: Strategy

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