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How to measure inbound marketing ROI

Posted by Richard Stephens on 7/9/18 2:09 PM

So you’ve decided to embrace inbound marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy - great! You’ve identified your personas, created a content strategy and are busy writing and sharing informative content that delivers value to your customers. And you know it’s working, too: there’s a definite increase in leads, and more and more people are converting to customers. So far, it’s all heading in the right direction!

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Four ways inbound marketing will grow your business

Posted by Richard Stephens on 6/18/18 1:49 PM

The way people buy is changing. For example, did you know that 60% of purchase decisions are now made before customers even talk to a sales rep? As a result, traditional marketing methods are on the decline. In fact, just 16% of marketers say that outbound provides them with the high quality leads they need - which means inbound is becoming more popular and is now being described as the future of marketing. So if you want to think smarter and grow faster, it’s time to get onboard with an inbound marketing agency.

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Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

Posted by Richard Stephens on 5/21/18 10:39 AM

Inbound and outbound marketing services are two fundamentally different marketing types that you can use to increase traffic, leads and sales for your business.

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