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Posted by Abby Pearson on 01/03/17 11:44
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Creating blogs is seemingly easy. After all, you come up with a topic, do the necessary field and desktop research, start writing and make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, it is generally not that straightforward. Your blogs need to be thoroughly reviewed before they are published. It is a time-consuming affair that is absolutely required if you want to reach your target audience, have your copy serve its purpose and be in line with your branding, tone-of-voice and content marketing strategy. Here’s how to best approach optimising your blog review process...

1) Time is of the essence

As logical as it sounds, reviewing is a time-consuming process. You can be a brilliant copywriter, but you are only human. Mistakes will happen. Don’t diagonally peruse your content and assume all is good because you cannot spot any obvious flaws. Instead, read it slowly and intently, out-loud if you can, to really take in what each sentence and paragraph is conveying. It doesn’t matter what type of copy you are reviewing, you always want it to flow and progress organically. Being thorough helps achieve just that.

Plan in review time. Make it a recurring point in your agenda so that it becomes part of the workflow. This way, you have a very well-defined window of “review-time” rather than having to sit through marathon sessions of proof-reading hours before a deadline.

2) Don’t forget your target audience

We all have linguistic mannerisms, go-to idioms and pacing and syntax preferences. These colour content and give it a specific identity, which is fine. But sometimes, that can be detrimental to the purpose your copy was created for and alter your content marketing strategy.

You need to have your target audience’s persona in place. It is what defines the purpose for the blogs you are writing.  Keep this persona in mind when proof-reading as you’d rather delete a very clever paragraph to avoid having your audience not understand what you are talking about.

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3) There is no I in team

Many hands make light work, so the saying goes. That is most true when trying to perfect your blog review process. If you have written the copy yourself, or have been working on it for a prolonged period, you lose track of the bigger picture.

Reading the same sentence repeatedly has a numbing effect on your cerebral faculties, you’ll start glossing over things. With a team to help to review, different sets of fresh eyes make it much easier to catch mistakes, ensure the tone of voice is consistent and that the objective of the copy is clear. Put simply, working in a team will help fine-tune your blogs and your content marketing to a professional standard.

4) Get in a creative space

It takes a bit of effort to review blogs and staying engaged the entire time. To help this, you need to create a distraction free environment where you are comfortable reviewing your blogs. Constant distractions like e-mails, Facebook updates, telephone calls or background office chatter, do not help. Don’t hesitate to move the entire blog review process to another physical room to ensure your sessions are fruitful.

5) You need to learn to let go

There is a reason you are working with a team in a separate room, following a well-defined timeline and keeping your target audience in mind. If you don’t, you’ll just keep coming back to the copy, tweaking it into oblivion. Releasing any new blog is always daunting. The minute you let go and press publish, it’s out there being consumed and critiqued. But with a good blog review process in place, you know that what you are delivering is a quality product.

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